; Your Data Backup is your Insurance

Your Data Backup is your Insurance


Data BackupWhy is data backup important? Data is raw information written to a computer. Data can be letters, documents, pictures, reports, media, or patient information. Essentially everything that is on your computer is some form of data and it is normally stored in files and/or folders on your computer. At anytime, a disaster can wipe out crucial information on your computer permanently. This is why data backup is so important. When computers are used for data entry, data is first stored on computers, but after that, the back up needs to be stored on a different device or medium. Without proper backup you run the risk of permanent data loss. Theft, fire, water damage, computer malfunctions, viruses and other problems can cause all your hard work to suddenly vanish. As an explanation, generally backups follow the following types.

Full Backup
Full backup is the starting point for all other backups, and contains all the data in the folders and files that are selected to be backed up.

Incremental Backup
Incremental backup means backing up everything that has changed since last full backup.

Network Backup
Network backup usually means backing up a client to a backup server, this means the client sends the files to the server and the server writes them to backup medium.

Image Backup
The whole disk partition or file system is imaged as is.

However, for many clients the medium used for backups range from older devices to more high-tech options; offering new forms and ways of protecting your data investment. Technology waits for no one, and there are pros and cons for remaining on older forms of backup technology. However, in terms of popularity, the following types still apply to some of our clients today.

USB Portable external or removable hard disk drive units

Can hold large amounts of data. (now in the terabyte range). Drives are external. Click to view an image.

SD, Compact Flash, Memory Stick cards or similar devices

Can hold large amounts of data (capacities up to 64+GB). Devices are small and normally need an external connector to read the cards. However, most computers come with slots with compatible connections. Memory Cards.

USB / Jump-drive Key

Can hold large amounts of data (8 / 16 GB storage devices are available, or larger). Devices are portable and easy to transport USB Keys.

Online Backup or Network Storage

A remote, online, or managed backup service is a service that provides users with a system for backing up and storing computer files (I.e. Bell Online Vault, Online IT Backup, etc...)

CD-RW or DVD-RW Drives

These are devices that can store information on a CD-RW or DVD disc. These devices come in both External or Internal models. Generally not prone to damage from magnetic devices.

Tape Backup

Older devices that look and operate similar to a cassette tape. Drives are usually internal and a computer technician should do the installation and setup of these devices. Many are proprietary.

External/Internal Iomega ZIP Drive

Iomega ZIP disks look similar to a 3 inch floppy diskette, however they hold more information and are much more sturdy. Newer models can hold megabytes of information. However, they are not widely in use anymore.

Floppy Diskettes

Old 3 inch floppy disk are not used as much today and hold small amounts of information.

It is important to take time to understand how to protect your data.  Please be sure to do your back up to ensure against data loss.  If you opt to use a device or backup medium it is important to check your backup or have more than one device (best to have multiple backup copies), ensuring that you are not vulnerable and left with no back up at all. With the emergence and importance of electronic records, please don't take your back up lightly!

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