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Attention all Ontario Physicians

Your Situation:

Many of you are currently using the leading edge A&L Medical System, which runs in a DOS operating system environment. You and your receptionist are used to working with it - you have gone through the learning curve, and it has paid off by providing you with a most efficient office management system. You have recently heard or read that A&L is now marketing a new Windows based medical office system called A&L HERO*.

Your Problem:

Does that mean my current system is obsolete? Should I change to the new system? If so, when?

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As with every problem, there are several considerations to be reviewed before reaching a solution.

Firstly, there are several drawbacks to switching to a new system, no matter what you switch to. One of these is obviously the leaning curve associated with a change. Combined with the doubt and uncertainty you may feel toward a new system the learning curve presents the greatest resistance to change, not to mention the financial outlay it often involves.

Secondly, the consequences of not switching, or of delaying, must be weighed. Will you eventually have to change, anyway? Are there cost savings available for switching now, rather than later, which would prove beneficial?

Thirdly, you need to consider the advantages to be gained by changing, and by changing sooner, rather than later. What added benefits will the change provide you that can prove immediately advantageous?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my current system obsolete?

If you are currently using A&L Medical System the answer is most definitely no. There is no need to make any changes at this time if you don't want to. A&L Medical System is still the leading edge software for medical office administration. But because we are on the leading edge we are constantly developing improvements to provide you with additional features to make your office or clinic even more efficient.

Why should I consider a change to the HERO* system?
  1. There are several advantages to the A&L HERO* network system. For example: Windows is rapidly replacing DOS as an operating system of choice within both the home and business environment. More and more software applications are being written for Windows, and fewer for DOS. Eventually you will need to change.

  2. The Ministry of Health is encouraging all Ontario physicians to submit their claims electronically in order to reduce the Ministry's administrative procedures and costs. A&L HERO* provides the facility for quick and easy claims submission at any time and as often as the physician wishes during the month. This means no more creation and mailing of claims submission disks. This process is also possible with your A&L DOS system but additional costs are involved to acquire a modem, modem software, and for the transmissions themselves. Should you wish to do this with your A&L DOS system, we can show you how, but as mentioned, this facility is included at no additional cost with A&L HERO*.

  3. A&L HERO* provides the doctor's office or clinic with electronic OHIP billing, scheduling and e-mail, in addition to the built-in future capability for laboratory requisitions and prescription transmission in association with participating laboratories and pharmacies.

What other advantages are there to switching now?

There are several. With A&L HERO* you don't have to buy the software if you don't wish to. You may have the use of it on a subscription basis for as low as $79** a month for a single practitioner (subscription fee is invoiced annually), and for even less per physician for a multi-practitioner installation. There is also a one time activation fee of $595 for single practitioners (slightly higher for a multi-practitioner office). Your A&L HERO* fees also include on-site initial training and test transmissions, as well as software support and upgrades as they become available within the term of your contract.

Please note that in order to take advantage of the capabilities of Windows and Windows based software you may need to upgrade to a faster computer with a larger hard drive, an internal modem and additional memory (RAM). Such hardware has never been less expensive than it is today. Should you need to upgrade, you should be aware that most such hardware now comes with Windows pre-loaded. If your current hardware is not sufficient, A&L can advise you on the appropriate specifications needed to run A&L HERO* effectively. We hope these points have been helpful to you in reaching a decision, and that you will see the benefits of switching to A&L HERO* as soon as you can. Your learning curve will be facilitated, your costs minimal, and you will start reaping the benefits right away. We can help make your transition as smooth as possible. Please contact us to book an appointment for a A&L HERO* demonstration in your office at your convenience.


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