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Just What the Doctor Ordered

Medical Doctors in OntarioThe efforts of thousands and thousands of programmers around the world have resulted in the technology that is behind Windows programming. This same technology is behind the A&L HERO* program. It is the result of the latest software developments, and is a Windows - based, comprehensive, transactional network that covers all aspects of medical office procedures. It provides the Ontario health-care industry with a comprehensive Transaction Network.HERO* provides electronic OHIP billing and full electronic scheduling. It is available now, easy to use and is the most economical medical system available.

A&L HERO* does it all. It will simply put your office in the forefront of medical office technology. It’s not just easy to use, it is enjoyable. Buttons are graphically illustrated in full colour making all aspects of the program available for your point and click commands. The Toolbars and Icons are informative and intuitive. It is a powerful and comprehensive program, offering all the latest features that you wouldexpect from a Window-based system. Features such as Cut and Paste, Object Linking and Embedding, consistency with Windows 2000, 2003, XP and Vista. A&L HERO* utilizes the Microsoft Windows NT Platform and provides user-friendly features with performance, reliability and unlimited capacity for growth. It is a proprietary network (unlike the Internet) designed with military levelsecurity built-in, something so necessary for medical records to be safely transmitted.

With the A&L HERO* program you will no longer have to submit your OHIP claims every two or four weeks and receive remittance advice on diskettes once a month. Now you have the option of transmitting the same information daily. The process is entirely automated. It significantly increases accuracy and reduces the amount of time normally spent ensuring that your floppy diskettes are copied and delivered on time to Click to view our Web-based Document Consoleyour local OHIP office. With its extensive internal error checking capabilities, the possibility of claims being rejected for omitting information is virtually eliminated. It improves cash flow and substantially reduces payday surprises. Being on-line will also decrease time spent on submission and reconciliations. All of this means your medical office is more efficient and growing with happy, loyal patients.

Some features of A&L HERO*

- Electronic Medical Records and Billing
- Reconciliation
- Full Patient Scheduling
- Extensive Reporting Abilities

A&L HERO* (Health Electronic Resources Online)

Windows-Based Billing and Office Management Program (Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista)
Send Claims via Modem (EDT) - No more Disks
Claims get Processed On-Line Quickly and Easily
Instant On-Line Upgrades so your office will never be obsolete
Easy to Learn and Use - based on Windows format
Electronic Note Keeping and Accumulation of Patient History
Easy to use Electronic Scheduler
Extensive Reporting capability
Multiple Applications run concurrently
HCP, RMB, WCB, Third Party Insurance Billing, Private Billing
Inexpensive… As low as $79.00***/Month (subscription fee is invoiced annually)
*** Note: Activation fee applies




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