; A&L HERO* - The Future of Office Management

A&L HEROThe Future of Office Management

Your Office In A Box: A&L HERO*, a Windows-based software package, provides a single, integrated solution for the many requirements of a modern practice. All features are accessible within the same program with a consistent interface in all areas. The days of having to exit one specialized program to launch another are gone. 

Electronic Billing & Reconciliation 

A&L HERO* allows the physician to quickly enter and store patient claims through extensive use of buttons, lookup lists, check boxes and/or an optional Magstripe card reader. Claims are transmitted quickly and reliably via modem, or high-speed VPN connection (high-speed Internet required), to the HERO* network where they are submitted to the Ministry of Health. In a similar fashion, physicians can retrieve their Remittance Advice files from the network for accurate reconciliation, adjustments and accounting of their claims. Rigorous error-checking routines flag potential problems before they are transmitted, eliminating turnaround time and payment delays. A robust accounting module allows physicians to track all aspects of MOH, insured and private accounts, generate statements, and print invoices. 

Patient Scheduling

A&L HERO* contains a full-featured scheduler that allows physicians to book patient appointments in an intuitive "day-book" format. The scheduler supports user defined slot lengths, appointment lengths and available times for single or multiple physicians, as well as handling conflict checking, over-booking, automated re-booking and status checking. All relevant patient information, date, time, and so on can be selected with lookup tables, pick lists or buttons, making the process both flexible and user-friendly. 


A robust e-mail feature allows the user to exchange messages with HERO* customer support and othersubscribing physicians. 

Patient Visit Records

Patient visit notes, relevant updates, and other anecdotal information can be stored in A&L HERO* for easy reference and as an adjunct to mandatory paper reporting procedures. Optional recording and transcribing features may be made available with the addition of a sound card. 

A&L HERO* Support

Full documentation and on-line support is provided with the package. The one-time activation fee ($595 for a single practitioner) includes on-site initial training and test transmissions. The monthly fee, which starts as low as $79*** (subscription fee is invoiced annually), includes telephone support for the length of the contract. 

*** Note: Activation fee applies

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