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EMRThe best program is the one that suits your needs the best. It requires an honest and hard look at yourself and the staff to determine the strengths and weaknesses of each employee. 

Are you capable of using the keyboard in a proficient manner? If not, you should look at using handwrite options, templates, macros, and voice recognition. Do you have patients with thick files? Your EMR should allow you to bring those paper files with you.

We can incorporate your patient files seamlessly to assist in the smooth transition to a better File Management and Medical Records application. Your time and patience is rewarded with the best the technological world can bring your office. You’ve worked long and hard to get where you are. You should be rewarded for your dedication, persistence, and hard work. You need to make life simpler, not harder. We are ready to help.

Handwrite EMR

Handwrite and Inking: If you have any kind of Windows-based tablet computer, and you prefer to handwrite with your medical records, get Web A&L Document Console today. With state-of-the-art e-health technologies A&L Document Console will drastically improve the quality of care. Our application allows for traditional approaches for keeping medical data with forms with, along with advanced options that include handwriting input (or inking). Document Console works on any Windows-based Computer or Tablet PC.

Give us a call and we’ll explain how we can make your work flow better.

OHIP Medical Billing Software


A&L Medical Systems
Our A&L Medical Billing Systems application was developed hand-in-hand with doctors and medical staff. It has proved itself to be one of the most successful programs in the medical field.  

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