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Customer Comments and Testimonials

Customer Comments and TestimonialsSince A&L’s inception, we have has always viewed customer service and support as its top priority. Our high expectation of company can only be achieved by consistency throughout our staff as they respond quickly and courteously to our clients needs. We aspire to meet customer needs with a solutions that deliver and our commitment starts with listening to you and understanding your current needs. A&L has long been recognized as one of the leaders in the Medical Software industry providing easy-to-use, reliable software along with immediate and courteous service. Our Electronic Document Imaging solution has allowed our customers to save time and money accessing data that was previously stored on paper files. At A&L we contnually focus on ongoing product development based on customer-driven requirements.

The following comments from customers were made in reference to A&L Computer Software Limited products and services.

“The A&L Document Console has proven to be very versatile… the support system provided by this company is exemplary. Numerous examples of physical support and technical support extended repeatedly…”
Dr. Augustine T. Adesanya

“I don’t think I can do without it. Looking up patient information is so fast, reconciliation is done in minutes, writing out lab sheets and billing cards has been eliminated and all the unpaid accounts are so easy to spot”
Dr. Roy K. Chan

“With the A&L Document Console our office has improved. I have no need for filing cabinets, I save on costly floor space. There are no hanging files or folders to purchase… the convenience and time saving… and the cost savings have already paid for the program.”
Dr. Rose Kung

“During the 14 months I have used A&L Medical Software, updates were introduced by the company at no cost to the user… I have found them to be accessible, considerate, congenial, cooperative and the most reliable team.”
Dr. Tomas Novak ’

“I looked at most of the software packages offered in Toronto, and none could compare with A&L Software… Other firms had many hidden charges, so much extra… take it from someone who learned the hard way, go directly to Alex Yuan (A&L Software)”
Dr. G. L. Pugen

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