; Why choose A&L Document Console

Why choose A&L Document Console

The A&L Document Console handles all of your filing needs by taking human readable images (documents, records, graphics, photographs, etc.,) and turning them into computer readable images. It scans, files, retrieves, displays, prints and even transmits your documents while reducing your dependence on paper by reducing many of your paper intensive functions.

The computer readable image created can be treated as a normal computer file. This makes it incredibly flexible, accessible and convenient to use. The Document Console becomes your information centre, while using a Graphical User Interface to keep all documents, photographs or records looking the same as they did on paper.

Click to view our Web-based Document ConsoleEvery document is scanned into the Windows based filing system and can be identified by name, title, category or record number. It provides a new way of filing and a new way to handle your filing procedures. It will revolutionize your office. With computer access to all your documents, paper intensive functions are a thing of the past. Electronic routing of all records and documents is the future, available today. It will save you time, effort and space, while putting you in complete control of your filing system.

All documents can be retrieved in seconds and printed in moments (if needed). No more filing cabinets and no more searches for misplaced files. With the Document Console you will reduce your filing cabinet requirements by up to 95%, while still keeping all of your documents at your finger tips.

Using Document Console will not only free your staff from filing and pulling documents, it means your records will be more complete, requiring less time to maintain. At the same time it dramatically improves security procedures by restricting access to certain information by means of password protected processes that have various levels of security. This protects record details from unauthorized access and accidental disclosure. And by preventing files from becoming lost or misplaced, it further tightens the security of all your records and documents.

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